Number Synchronicities Bundle + Free Course

Number Synchronicities Bundle + Free Course

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This Bundle is a must have for those who desire to learn how to read number synchronicities!

Items Included in the bundle:
1 Large Package of Rise Up Tea (5x7 package)
1 Large Amethyst Geode
1 Cedar Smudge

"How To Read Number Synchronicities" Course (Free 1 hour on demand course)

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(The free code for the course will be emailed to you within 1 hour of ordering).

1 Large package of Rise Up Tea: Herbal blend created to serve as a coffee replacement. It’s primary ingredient has been used by Amazonian people for thousands of years as a natural energizer- excluding the jittery, heart-exhausting effects of synthesized caffeine. The more aware and alert you are the more you will be able to notice the number synchronicities around you.

1 Large Amethyst Geode: 
Allows you to receive messages from numbers with increased frequency because this powerful crystal is to be used to work with opening the crown chakra to raise your vibration.  It calms you while keeping you alert! It relieves anxiety. It promotes psychic abilities and provides clarity. It also cleanses negative energy in a space.  

1 Cedar Smudge: 
Synchronicity occurs more often during periods of heightened emotion so we obviously want those to be positive ones.  Burning cedar specifically heightens positive energy and evokes positive emotions.

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