The Cancer Bundle

The Cancer Bundle

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This bundle is beneficial for everyone During Cancer season even if your Zodiac sign is not Cancer! You are still under the Cancer sun energy!

This bundle will allow you to flow through the challenges of life and release all that doesn't serve you emotionally.  Not only does it benefit you spiritually, but it help you physically as the herbs included help you release un wanted fat, water, and waste from your body.

Use the herbs as teas to drink as needed. Sleep with the moonstone under your pillow for deeper and more clarity in your dreams

The Cancer Bundle Contents: 


🌿  Lemongrass: Mild sedative effect, antibacterial, antiviral, melancholy, headaches, and high blood pressure.

🌿  Burdock Root: Digestive aid, type 2 diabetes management, fungal and viral infections.

🌿  Turmeric Root Herb: Inflammation, wounds, skins ulcers, itching, stomachache, flatulence, constipation, ringworm, and colic.

🌿  Dulce Flakes: Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Moonstone Crystal: Powerful crystal that helps with dream recall.


*All Herbs come in a 3x4 pouch: 12-15 servings each

*Quantity about 1.5 cups each

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