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This Mugwort is more brown in color. That's because as they age, enzymes inside the leaves break down the chlorophyll. But this can easily be stopped with a quick dip in boiling water.
Pouch Sizes
 Small: 3x4 sized pouch (⅓ cup)
approximate serving size : 12 - 15 servings
Large: 5x7 pouch
approximate serving size : 80 - 84 servings 


Aides with: menstrual relief, childbirth, anti-tumor, lucid dreaming

-Historically, mugwort has been valued as a highly spiritual plant and has been used to induce vivid dreams by way of smudging and smoking as well as placing the herb under one’s pillow at night time to provide protection during the dreamtime. 

-One of the medicinal benefits of mugwort on the other hand, is that it serves as a nervine, as it has qualities that nourish and calm the nervous system.

-Most popularly, mugwort has been used as an emmenagogue, stimulating uterus contractions and promoting menstrual flow. These chemicals are thought to lend themselves to the labor process in childbirth. 

-Mugwort also contains the tumor fighting chemical- artemisinin. It can be taken via several forms such as teas, tinctures, extracts, poultices and capsules. 


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