Muira Puama Bark

Muira Puama Bark

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Muira puama is used for preventing sexual disorders and to increase interest in sexual activity (as an aphrodisiac).

  • used for upset stomach
  • menstrual disorders
  • joint pain (rheumatism)
  • paralysis caused by poliomyelitis
  • as a general tonic and an appetite stimulant
  • increases mental performance and physical stamina

Some people apply muira puama directly to the skin as an aphrodisiac and for rheumatism and muscle paralysis.

In combination with other herbs, muira puama is used as a remedy for male sexual performance problems (erectile dysfunction, ED).

Muira puama is a plant. The wood and root are used to make medicine.Also known as “potency wood”, Muira Puama has long been used by the Amazonian people to manage a variety of age related conditions. It is marketed in Brazil as a “body stimulant, energetic tonic and aphrodisiac”. It can be especially useful in supporting healthy erectile response and restoring libido in men suffering the effects of fatigue or age related complaints.

Muira Puama contains “sterols”, the building blocks of sex hormones such as testosterone. One study found that this herb relaxes the corpus cavernosa a sponge like area that holds blood during an erection. This relaxation allows more blood to flow to the penis, producing a stronger and firmer erectile response.

Dr Jacques Maynberg conducted two studies at the Institute of Sexology in Paris, where he gave men stricken with low libido and diminished erectile capacity Muira Puama for two weeks. In both studies between 60% - 70% of the men reported a notable increase in libido and an improvement in their ability to maintain an erection.

A study was done with 202 women to investigate the potential of Muira Puama as a libido boosting herb for women with low sex drives. It was found that after one month of supplementation with this herb that 65% reported improvements in sexual desire and satisfaction. Some of the women also experienced more sexual fantasies and increased orgasm intensity.

Studies have found that Muira Puama may also help in improving memory among older individuals.  This memory enhancing effect is thought to be due to its ability to inhibit acetylcholinesterase. Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is necessary for cognition and memory. By protecting acetylcholienesterase, this herb may have therapeutic properties for cognition-impaired and memory affected individuals. 

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