Peppermint (Upset Stomach)

Peppermint (Upset Stomach)

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ORIGIN: Oregon


Pouch Sizes

Small: 4x3 sized pouch 

approximate serving size : 12 to 15 servings

Large: 5x7 pouch

approximate serving size :  80 - 84 servings


Aides with: upset stomach, indigestion, headaches and stress, irritable bowel syndrome

Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint that was first cultivated near London in 1750. It grows almost everywhere. Peppermint teas are used around the world to calm queasy stomachs and to quell indigestion. 

-Peppermint tea is a general stimulant. A strong cup of peppermint tea circulates quickly and acts more powerfully than any liquor stimulant. This herb has a long history as a digestive aid and as a treatment for the symptoms of cough, colds, and fever. It is also  good for nausea and vomiting. 

-Externally, peppermint has been approved for muscle pain and neuralgia. When applied topically, peppermint can relieve headaches, relax muscles and decrease body tension. 

-Peppermint has antispasmodic effects which eases gas pain and heartburn. 

Reference: Prescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd edition, Balch

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