Seh-Haw (Kinkeliba) (High Blood Pressure & Liver Disorders)

Seh-Haw (Kinkeliba) (High Blood Pressure & Liver Disorders)

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(Fresh Green Leaves)



Pouch Sizes

Small: 4x3 pouch  

approximate serving size : 12 to 15 servings

Large: 5x7 pouch

approximate serving size : 80-84 servings 

Aides with: liver disorders, skin complaints, diabetes & high blood pressure

Kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum), also known as See-Haw, is a leaf that is derived from a shrub native to West Africa. The leaves of this shrub – when dried and boiled – produce a strong, earthy-tasting tea which is mineral-rich and caffeine-free. Kinkeliba is said to have mystical properties and in Senegal is referred to as “tisane de longue vie” or infusion of long life.


  • Commonly combined with hibiscus, kinkeliba has been studied closely as a treatment for high blood pressure. During the study, in which 219 people were involved, a significant and equivalent decrease of Systolic Blood Pressure was observed at the 6 month follow-up, from the combination of kinkeliba and hibiscus tea rather than the pharmaceutical drug captopril. 

  • Studies also show a significant decrease in glucose levels after drinking Kinkeliba tea


    • Kinkeliba is able to increase urinary secretion and facilitate the evacuation of bile. Almost specific, against hematuric bilious fever. Kinkeliba can be used as a fluid extract for jaundice and gallstones. The wood and leaves of kinkeliba are used against anemia and febrifuge by drinking one liter per day for three days or more, depending on the severity.
    • Because of its detoxifying properties, Kinkeliba is often used to remedy skin conditions such as eczema & acne. It’s also traditionally used as a rinse for dry, brittle hair




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