Summer Detox Tea Kit

Summer Detox Tea Kit

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The largest cleansing organ in the body is the liver and this homemade detox tea recipe is packed with the most efficient fighting power to refresh, infuse, and uplift you!

The Summer Detox Tea Kit Includes:

  • dandelion root – wonderful to cleanse the liver
  • lemon peel – is alkaline and balances out pH levels in the body
  • lemongrass leaf – reduces inflammation
  • peppermint leaf – supports digestion
  • ginger root – supports and stimulates digestion
  • rose hip fruit – helps to normalize blood sugar levels and supports the kidney and bowels

The human body is naturally designed to detox itself and flush out toxins as outside free radicals that leak in, environmental air quality, poor eating and drinking habits cause havoc on the body. This detox tea formulated to support optimal liver function and protection which helps reduce bloating, stimulate the liver, and digestion which can also promote weight loss.