The Dream Decoding Bundle
The Dream Decoding Bundle
The Dream Decoding Bundle
The Dream Decoding Bundle
The Dream Decoding Bundle

The Dream Decoding Bundle

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This Bundle is a must have for those who desire to learn how to decode their dreams!

Items Included in the bundle
1 Large Package of Chamomile (5x7 package)
1 Package Mugwort Tea (2x3 package about 14 servings)
1 Selenite wand (6 inches)
1 Large Raw Howlite Crystal
1 Large Raw Moonstone Crystal

Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to mankind.
The tea is widely used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia. Due to its sedative effects, chamomile acts as a mild tranquilizer and is one of the best herbs to take before bed.

Historically, mugwort has been valued as a highly spiritual plant and has been used
to induce vivid dreams by way of smudging and smoking as well as placing the herb under one’s pillow at night time to provide protection during the dreamstate.

Selenite Wand
This is great for placing under your pillow at night to protect during the dream and astral travel state. Selenite also helps with balancing energy, balancing mislaligned chakras, relieving stress, protection from spiritual attacks, and cleansing other crystals.

Howlite is best used at night! Howlite is know to induce deep sleep and dream recall.
It also helps to relieve anxiety and stress.

Moonstone helps with dream recall, aids in psychic abilities, raises vibrational frequency astral traveling/physical traveling, and helps calm the mind during meditation intuition/insight