The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box
The Love Box

The Love Box

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This box encourages to love in all forms and using the powerful energy of love to heal!

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the best gemstones for self-love. It helps you to build levels of trust, tolerance, and connection - all from the foundation that love starts at home in your own body and soul. Rose Quartz is a classic crystal for connecting to your heart and fostering love, it’s equally powerful for manifesting new relationships and deepening existing ones. Whether it's the relationship you have with yourself, a romantic partner, or friends and family. Whenever you're seeking more love in your life, this is the go-to stone.

Clear Quartz

Whether you want to amplify loving energy, repel negative energy, or simply clear your mind, clear quartz can help. Apply it to your love life, and you've got a crystal for any of your relationship related needs.


Carnelian is another great crystal for supporting relationships (and a healthy sex life). It is known for promoting happiness, joy, and creativity all great things to cultivate in your love life. Since carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, it can amplify your intentions around all things creative and/or sexual.

Pink Tourmaline

An aphrodisiac stone that attracts love and abundance, Pink Tourmaline grants us all the comfort we need when it comes to matters of the heart. This stone is here to grant us a safe space in which to share in the fortune of love. It invites the heart chakra to open and encourages old wounds to heal. It’s a stone of deep compassion and calms any colors of distress. It is particularly great for those who are tired of kicking against life and want to move into a place of flow with the universe which will certainly lead you to love. 

The Love Box Informational Guide

Learn about these love crystals and how to use them with this free information guide that is included in The Love Box

Raw crystals are more powerful, as they are less manipulated. 
 Qty. 1 of each.
Crystal Sizes
Large: 1 ½ to 2 inches 
These crystals have been tested for authenticity