The Scorpio Bundle
The Scorpio Bundle

The Scorpio Bundle

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This bundle is beneficial for everyone during Scorpio season even if your Zodiac sign is not Scorpio! You are still under the Scorpio sun energy!  

Scorpio energy is water energy and it is the sign of desire. During Scorpio season we are encouraged to focus on intimacy, power, and self control. The scorpion is determined and persistent and so it is important during this season to maintain your vitality and guard against overworking.


 The Scorpio Bundle Includes: 

🌿  Nettle Leaf: powerful antioxidant known for assisting with hay fever, seasonal allergies, pregnancy, skin irritation, and arthritis.

🌿  Uva Ursi:
known for its mild diuretic properties that reduces fluid retention, bloating and swelling.

🌿  Ginger Root:
most widely used herb on the planet it assists with inflammation, indigestion, and pain.

🌿  Chrysanthemum:
promotes deep relaxation and healthy metabolism, this flower is high in both vitamin C and vitamin A.

Smoky Quartz: 
100% authentic raw crystal that helps release fear and negativity and lift depression while maintaining emotional calmness. Hold in your hand during meditation to balance out your energy.

     *All Herbs come in a 3x4 Pouch: 12-15 servings each

    *Quantity about 1.5 cups each

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