The Taurus Bundle

The Taurus Bundle

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This bundle is beneficial for everyone During Taurus season even if your Zodiac sign is not Taurus! You are still under the Taurus Sun energy!

This bundle will help you "flow" better and be empowered during this time. It will keep you grounded and stable in the midst of so much happening around you!  

Use the herbs as teas to drink as needed. Carry the tourmaline around with you, especially when you do outdoors.

The Taurus Bundle Contents: 

1 Raw Black Tourmaline crystal


🌿  Ashwaghanda: Promotes anxiety relief for improved energy levels.

🌿  Chamomile: Treats insomnia and digestive issues due to stress.

🌿  Damiana: Helps with mental and physical stamina/Aphrodisiac.

🌿  Mugwort: Allows better meditation connection/lucid dreaming.

Raw Black Tourmaline: Protection from low vibrations, Blocks negative energy, Grounds Energy, Increases physical strength.


 *All Herbs come in a 3x4 pouch: 12-15 servings each

*Quantity about 1.5 cups each

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