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100% Authentic  Crystal Waistlets
Made with 100% Pure Carnelian and crystal quartz crystals.  The carnelian heals and protects the womb.  The crystal quartz amplifies the power of the carnelian.  It is connected by 100% pure copper chain that protects this area of the body from EMF radiation and amplifies the womb’s power. 
What’s best is that it is adjustable up to 4 inches!All women need to protect their womb space: This is your seat of power!

Carnelian has been known to help with:

  • uterus issues
  • fibroids
  • irregular periods
  • use a laptop on your lap
  • womb trauma from childhood abuse

This are not traditional waistbeads and must be worn closer to the uterus to be effective. Which is at or below the belly button. It can be worn higher for fashion purposes. To find accurate sizing, measure the area called the "high hip."  

Please be sure to measure yourself before purchase.*


XS 26-30
S 30-34
M 34-38
L 38-42
XL 42-46
2XL 46-50

*We will not accept returns for wrong sizing. Please be sure to measure yourself before purchase.*

*remove before getting into water*

*clasps are copper plated brass to assure sturdiness of the waistlet*

*Because waistlets are handmade, please allow an extra 3 days to process.

*Model 1 is wearing a small

*Model 2 is wearing a Large